Our Mission

Mission: Cohesion, guided by transparency and accountability, is committed to sustainable socio-economic development of the vulnerable in under-serviced areas with a special focus on women.

Vision: We see ourselves as an organization committed to striving for a World in which people and the natural environment are in harmony with each other, a World in which people, men and women, are in harmony with each other, a world in which all have enough to meet their genuine emotional and physical needs, and a world in which the diversity of humankind is celebrated.

Approach of COHESION : There are certain cross cutting themes, observed in all strategic interventions to ensure sustainable development and social justice. Cohesion’s approach is community based and bottom-up to ensure the needs and issues faced by communities get represented and addressed by programs.

Strengthening people’s institutions and prioritizing women’s’ role in decision-making ensure processes that help in mainstreaming gender. On the other hand most vulnerable communities are identified at micro planning stage to empower them and help secure proper position in community-based institutions.

The following are the elements of community-based approaches, followed by Cohesion:

  • Participation
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Evolving inter institutional linkages
  • Decentralization of resources
  • Local capacity building
  • Development of special groups around different interventions
  • Bottom-up planning and design
  • Equity in resource sharing