IICA NGOBOX Good Practice Recognition 2015 Awards-Announcement 08 Oct2015












  • We partnered with DSAG – Jeevika to build Check Dam on River Rabaria at Amirgadh, Banaskantha in Year 2011-12. It helped harvesting water from the surrounding areas. It was full and overflowing due to heavy rain during 25th to 29th June, 2015. This is the latest picture. Happy to share with you…


  • Samaveshi Shaher – Raipur
  • Cohesion has started working with Urban Poors of Raipur slum area. The focus is working for the rights of Domestic workers and Construction workers… Team Chhattisgarh started PRA with the slum dwellers and Vulnerability Mapping exercise was conducted. Thanks to IGSSS for their guidance and Support. Cohesion is expanding in urban areas along with its regular journey in Rural Areas of India.












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